Custom Backgammon Designer

Quality never goes out of style. And when ordering a Crisloid Product, we stand behind the quality of our products to last for future generations. Each product is hand-crafted by our team, which is how we can offer personalization of each product for your home. Whether you want your custom backgammon set to show pride for your favorite sports team, celebrate/commemorate your wedding or milestone event, or even match your home décor, Crisloid customization creates a truly personalized game for you.

Custom Backgammon Set Add-ons:

  • Full-Color Canvas +$175
  • Custom Colored Points and/or Colored logo on Cork +$125
  • Custom Engraved Fields +$80
  • Custom Engraved Bumpers +$30
  • Custom Colored Checkers +$30/color
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