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Being able to take a high-quality backgammon set along when you travel means you’ll never be without your favorite classic board game. That’s why Crisloid has created two portable versions of our high-quality backgammon boards for players on the go.

Simple to pack and carry, everything about our travel backgammon sets is the same as their full-size counterparts except that the board, checkers, and accessories are shrunk down to be lightweight and easy to take anywhere.

The magnetic Contender and Road Trip backgammon sets take our travel sets to the next level. Featuring 1.25-inch magnetic checkers that maintain a good grip on the playing surface and crisply snap into place when bearing off and keep your game stable everywhere from the airport to the beach.

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Crisloid’s travel boards let you think small when you’re looking for a perfect travel board without compromising quality and playability. Order online today and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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