Simple strategy tips for backgammon beginners

For many beginner backgammon players, their strategy doesn’t go far beyond hoping they roll a lot of doubles. While this is OK, there are plenty of simple ways to improve your skills that will give you a competitive edge and make the game more enjoyable.

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Doubling cube basics – how to use it to make games more fun

At Crisloid, we make some of the most beautiful doubling cubes in the industry. But for most casual backgammon players, the cube doesn’t ever come off the bar. Our doublers aren’t just pretty accessories! – We want classic gamers to make them part of their backgammon strategy to not only improve gameplay but have more fun.

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How to play block dominoes and get the basics down

From Matador to Muggins to Mexican Train, there are endless variations of domino games that people enjoy. For people new to dominoes, probably the best way to learn the basics is by playing Block, a simple version of the game traditionally played in English pubs. You can play with two to five players with double six dominoes. Here’s a quick overview of aspects of dominoes that apply to most games and tips on how you can start having fun playing Block today.

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