Walk With Me Mahjong Set #101 Raffle Benefits PeaceLove Foundation

At Crisloid, our team is all about being creative. So, when the opportunity to support our friends at the PeaceLove Foundation and their CREATORS Program came up, we put our artistic heads together and decided to hold a raffle. We couldn’t think of a better prize to generate some buzz than our last limited edition Walk With Me Mahjong set.  When the word got out that WWM #101 was being raffled, the tickets started selling fast, and the final numbers exceeded everyone’s expectations. For those who aren’t familiar with the PeaceLove Foundation, its mission is to support mental wellness through creativity. In 2015, they launched their CREATORS Program, training frontline professionals to use PeaceLove’s expressive arts curriculum with their populations. Since then, they have placed CREATORS in over 27 states, as well as Canada, and impacted more than 80,000 lives. To learn more, visit PeaceLove’s website. As tickets were sold,

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Simple strategy tips for backgammon beginners

For many beginner backgammon players, their strategy doesn’t go far beyond hoping they roll a lot of doubles. While this is OK, there are plenty of simple ways to improve your skills that will give you a competitive edge and make the game more enjoyable.

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Doubling cube basics – how to use it to make games more fun

At Crisloid, we make some of the most beautiful doubling cubes in the industry. But for most casual backgammon players, the cube doesn’t ever come off the bar. Our doublers aren’t just pretty accessories! – We want classic gamers to make them part of their backgammon strategy to not only improve gameplay but have more fun.

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