Walk With Me Mahjong Set #101 Raffle Benefits PeaceLove Foundation

At Crisloid, our team is all about being creative. So, when the opportunity to support our friends at the PeaceLove Foundation and their CREATORS Program came up, we put our artistic heads together and decided to hold a raffle.

We couldn’t think of a better prize to generate some buzz than our last limited edition Walk With Me Mahjong set.  When the word got out that WWM #101 was being raffled, the tickets started selling fast, and the final numbers exceeded everyone’s expectations.

For those who aren’t familiar with the PeaceLove Foundation, its mission is to support mental wellness through creativity. In 2015, they launched their CREATORS Program, training frontline professionals to use PeaceLove’s expressive arts curriculum with their populations. Since then, they have placed CREATORS in over 27 states, as well as Canada, and impacted more than 80,000 lives. To learn more, visit PeaceLove’s website.

As tickets were sold, the Crisloid crew wrote the corresponding numbers on blank mahjong tiles. For the drawing, we put all the tiles in one of our polishing barrels, gave it a big spin, and picked the winner.

Ticket #173 belonged to the amazing Michele Adamo – a PeaceLove supporter and volunteer who’s been with the organization since day one! While Michele isn’t a Mahj player, her Mom Pat and her friends have a weekly game. Michele and her siblings decided to gift Walk With Me #101 to their Mom on Easter Sunday and Pat was thrilled! We couldn’t be more grateful to have such supportive people in our communities. With 922 tickets sold, we raised $23,050 to support the CREATORS Training Program. One hundred percent of proceeds go directly to PeaceLove Foundation to support mental wellness through creativity. Thank you for participating and helping kids, teens, and adults access life-changing creative tools.

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