We Love Backgammon! Here’s Why the World is Crazy about this Classic Game

When you walk through the Crisloid workshop it’s a beehive of backgammon as the crew works on everything from polishing checkers to lasering custom inlays on natural cork fields. One of the main reasons the workshop is buzzing is obviously because people love backgammon. But when we step back to take a broader look at why, there are plenty of other factors in play that explain why people are obsessed with a game that was born 5,000 years ago.  

Quick Learning Curve

Backgammon is a fundamentally simple game. Each player gets fifteen checkers, there are 24 pips, and you roll two dice to bear off your checkers from the board. The game has a few basic rules that can be explained in a few minutes. (Check out our tips for beginners.) Easy right? Also, there’s no other skilled game where a beginner has a decent chance of beating someone who is much more advanced depending on how chance favors the dice rolls. 

Challenging to Master

While the initial learning curve for backgammon isn’t too steep, mastering Backgammon is another story. The game involves a lot of strategy and advanced players have a solid understanding of mathematical probabilities as well as an ability to analyze the board as games evolve. The fun part is you can easily incorporate different strategies into your game. As far as the math goes, well that’s up to you.

Relax with Friends and Family

You’ll find people playing backgammon all over the world in cafes, parks, bars, and just about anywhere you can fit a board. It’s not always about being competitive – it’s the ultimate social game. Backgammon is a great way to connect with friends and family because everyone can play and putting together fun events such as a holiday tournament are a blast.

Great brain Exercise

The backgammon board changes with every roll so the game requires quick thinking and the ability to change your strategy based on what your opponent is doing. This evaluation of the game as it progresses really gives your brain a workout because it takes an alert, attentive, focused mind to play your best.

Backgammon Travels Well

You can literally play backgammon anywhere. Crisloid customers have sent us pictures of them enjoying their boards on boats, in airports, around campfires, on trains, and more. Our travel backgammon sets are great for players who are on the go. Bring one along on your next trip and you can enjoy games with your travel companions. Also, backgammon is an international game so you’ll make new friends wherever you and your board go in the world.

When the Crisloid Crew is taking a break in the workshop, we’re always up for a quick game of backgammon to recharge and remind us how great it is to be making the best classic games in the industry. Are you ready to up your game with a Crisloid Board? Contact us today and we can help you find the best board to match your playing style.

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