Forget the Registry! Crisloid Makes the Perfect Wedding Gift

Let’s be real for a second. Most of the stuff on a couple’s wedding registry ends up buried in the closet or sold for a great price at their first garage sale. That’s because air fryers, pottery, or candles don’t have any sentimental value and just don’t get used.

How is a Crisloid custom backgammon set any different? Let’s review just a few reasons why one of our customized sets not only checks all the boxes for being a thoughtful gift but also has great potential to become a family heirloom. What’s better than that?

Get the Details and Get Designing

Simply take a bit of time and gather a few details about the happy couple.  Wedding colors, wedding date, initials and maybe a fun fact or two about their history are a great place to start.  Crisloid will take it from there and show you a digital rendering of what your gift will look like.  You can then request edits until you’re happy with the finished product and then the team gets started making your one-of-a-kind gift.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for completion. 

Last minute? We’ve Got You Covered

If you’ve decided a custom backgammon set is the perfect wedding gift but time just isn’t on your side, Crisloid has the solution. We can send you a creative, stylish Backgammon Checker and a Backgammon-themed card to let the couple know all about the great gift that’s in the works! Our cards are also very convenient if you’re traveling to a wedding. Bringing a card and backgammon checker makes it easier for you to pack light – we’ll make sure the finished product gets to its new home.

Don’t Roll the Dice with an Average Gift

Instead of just going through the motions and picking something boring from a wedding registry, consider giving a gift you’ll truly be proud of. The Crisloid Crew has crafted custom backgammon sets for all types of occasions and one thing we’re sure of is that a wedding backgammon set will be valued and appreciated for many anniversaries. 

At Crisloid, no one loves an awesome wedding celebration more than us. We’re proud when our products are part of people’s special days and that’s why our team puts so much care and craftsmanship into our custom backgammon sets. To learn more about building your perfect set, contact us today.

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