Walk With Me: Limited Edition $4000 (Reservation $500)


UPDATE As of 8/4/2023 all of the sets available for regular sale have now been reserved. Set #101 will be raffled off to benefit a local charity. Stay tuned for details!

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Designed and Hand Painted by Marcelle Swider Szurley
Produced by Crisloid

RESERVATION NOTICE:  To reserve your Walk With Me Mahjong Set we require a $500 reservation fee. The total cost is $4,000 plus shipping. The remaining balance will be billed 2-3 weeks prior to your set being shipped. After we receive your deposit, we will email you with your reservation number, and sets will ship in the order that reservations are received. In the event you decide to cancel your reservation, there will be a 5% charge ($25) to cover credit card processing fees and administrative costs. Only 101 sets will be sold.

Component features and specifications:

Seven-layer Tiles: The Walk With Me tile fabrication starts in our casting room with the highest quality clear liquid resin available. The 7 layers are individually hand-poured and each set of tiles takes several weeks to complete. We’ve tested our layer production process for 3 years to ensure that the layers remain intact forever. We used every bit of our decades long experience to pull this off. All of the resin work including coloring, casting, cutting, tubbing and polishing is done here at Crisloid.

Case: It is a priority for us to make sure that your set is well protected for generations, and that’s why the Walk With Me cases are also made here at Crisloid. We use beautiful, great smelling Northeast Pine for the frame and a Marine Grade Ply for the top and bottom to ensure durability. Once the box shell is finished it moves over to our case department for wrapping. Our premium quality case material is trimmed and patterned and carefully fed through our hot glue rollers to prep it for hand wrapping. Hardware and inserts are the final touch.

Racks and Pushers: The Elephant Profile racks and pushers have been carefully designed and measured to ensure the proper handling of your tiles. It’s our first time using mahogany and it really is a joy to work with. Of course, it’s FSC Certified for Responsible Forestry.

Wind Indicator: The Wind Indicator better look great because it sure was a bear to make! It all starts in the casting room with a special mold. After curing and cutting, each indicator is put on a lathe to groove the sides. From there it goes to tubbing and polishing. As you can see, all eight sides (hex plus front and back) are then engraved and hand painted. It’s time-consuming process but we love the end result. The style, size, rounded edges and noticeable heft make it hard to put down.

Dice: Sure, we’ve been making dice for decades but these beauties have a simple elegance that Marci’s great sense of style gave even more appeal.

Authentication: Each set will be numbered 1 through 101 and we will authenticate this limited edition in two places. Inside the booklet, the number of your set will be recorded along with Marci and Jeff’s signatures. We will also put the set number in a special place in the tile storage tray.

Original Design: For Walk With Me, the first Crisloid set imagined and designed by Marci, inspiration was drawn from vintage mahjong sets in which the flower suit tells a story. Marci set out to create a set in which every suit tells a story, unfolding across the panorama of tiles in a whimsical way. The tile engraving is very patient, detail oriented work and sets the stage for hand painted designs. The days long painting process can include as many as 9 colors and blends per tile. Each tile is a small piece of art! final product is a collection of stories that put women front and center – swimming, fishing, and beekeeping. This choice of illustrations serves as a tribute to the strong women in Marci’s life: her family, friends, and a female-forward production team at Crisloid.


  • 165 tiles. (this includes 2 blank tiles).
  • Tile Size: 1” x 1.5”
  • 4 Mahogany racks and 4 pushers.
  • Wind indicator.
  • A pair of dice.
  • Booklet detailing set information and authentication.
  • Storage case.



3 reviews for Walk With Me: Limited Edition $4000 (Reservation $500)

  1. Nancy (verified owner)

    The most stunning set I’ve ever owned…it will be an heirloom I will pass on to the next generation.

  2. Debbi (verified owner)

    Words just cannot describe how beautiful this set is! Five stars is not enough!

    I’ve been waiting for the right time to bring this set out, and today was the day. It’s absolutely the most stunning set I’ve purchased to date. The blended painting on the tiles elevates the beauty of this set to a high bar that I’ve never seen before. Love the gold touches, and the multi layers creates a stunning backdrop to the actual game play! The learning curve is relatively low, so it’s not frustrating for a person who knows the card to ‘get it’ after 1 (and 3) game/s for a slower player, max. The racks and pushers are well crafted as well, with the pushers nestled under the racks in the routed area…that is just so efficient and well thought out! Truly the gem of my collection, such a very special set! I absolutely love it. The only 2 issues I found, (and I’m really picky), is the one bam doesn’t have any numerical designation, and the weight of the set with the extremely durable case. I’d really like a tile case like 9 Florence’s with the snap closure and a zippered, pretty fabric bag for the racks to make it lighter to carry. But, all in all, it’s a fantastically engineered set I’m very proud to own.

    Thank you to Marci for the artistic concept and to the design team of Crisloid for engineering such a high quality, top of the line set. What could you possibly do to best it? I’ll be waiting for that next special set to be available for sale!

  3. Lisa Watson (verified owner)

    This set is breathtaking! I adore the jokers and love the mask wearing nesting doll-it will be continue to be a subtle nod to the pandemic that we all endured. However, it’s so hard to choose a favorite tile because they are all so fabulous. The hot air balloons and Chinese lanterns are just beautiful. Each tile is comprised of so many colors that blends flawlessly into the next. I’m honored and privileged to play and share this set with others!

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