Mother Nature Mahjong Set


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Drawing inspiration from the traditional version of Chinese mahjong, this whimsical, nonsensical design of the Mother Nature mahjong set was made for play with most of the different rule sets of the game in mind.
Mahjong is a family game for me. My late mother, Mary Ann, taught my siblings and me how to play mahjong as children fifty years ago. At the time, we ranged in ages from five to ten. This set was designed from my heart, with my beloved mother in mind, and is a loving tribute to her.
Within the Mother Nature set, you will find fairies working in the garden, birds playing in the bamboo, fluttering butterflies in the dots, junk ships at sea… All part of the whimsy that I hope brings you, your family, and your friends many smiles through the years as you play with this set.

Mother Nature Mahjong Set Features

Mahjong Tiles
Mahjong set includes 165 tiles (1″ x 1.5″):
Circles (Dots): 36 tiles (4 of each value)
Bamboo: 36 tiles (4 of each value)
Characters: 36 tiles (4 of each value)
Winds: 16 tiles (4 of each direction)
Dragons: 12 tiles (4 White, 4 Red, 4 Green)
Flowers: 8 tiles (2 bouquets)
Bonus / Capture: 8 tiles (may be used as flowers)
Jokers: 8 tiles
Red Tiles: 3 Red Fives (for Japanese Riichi)
2 blank tiles
Mahjong Accessories
Mahjong Set Includes:
Racks & Pushers (set of 4)
Wind Indicators (set of 4)
Counting coins
Pair of dice
Carrying case

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 19 × 9 in

2 reviews for Mother Nature Mahjong Set

  1. Lisa Watson

    The Mother Nature set is just beautiful! It brings me joy to play with and although it deviates from a classic/traditional set, it has a low/zero recognition learning curve.

  2. Lynn Casity

    Absolutely love playing with this whimsical set. Everything from the box to the racks and the tiles themselves have amazing details and vibrant colors. This is sure to become a family heirloom. The Mother Nature set is by far my favorite set.

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