Woodland Mahjong


The Woodland mahjong set is a limited edition, and only 100 will be sold. A “Tiles only” option is available for $1100.

We are now taking names for the waiting list for our Limited Edition Woodland Mahjong set. Customers will be offered the chance to purchase it in the order in which their requests were received. Only 100 sets will be sold. 

About the Set

This playful design is the latest creation of Marcelle Swider Szurley, who also designed our 9 Florence and Walk With Me sets. Marcelle incorporated the native flora and fauna of New England into a very playable set that retains the traditional suits while displaying her unique design style.

The Crak tiles combine the Crak character with a happy red fox under a moonlit sky. The Dot suit features wild blueberries and a black bear on the One Dot, while a single unripe berry spices up the other odd numbers. The traditional Bam suit displays sticks that have been chewed by an industrious beaver. That beaver is overseen by a bossy blue jay perching on the One Bam (so is it a One Bam Blue Jay, or a One Bam Beaver? You decide!)

Turning to the forest floor, we find the Flower suit with a quartet of graceful ferns and another of earthy mushrooms. If you turn over some leaves or look under a log you might find a trio of little salamanders, which stand in for dragons in this set. Be careful that you don’t disturb the Jokers, though, lest those adorable skunks ruin your night! Finally, we have the Winds depicted by nocturnal moths facing the direction of the wind they represent.

What style of play is this suitable for?

We have designed this set to be compatible with NMJL rules and American style mahjong play

How big are the tiles?

The tile size is 15/16″ x 1 7/16″. Please note that this is slightly larger than some other mahjong tiles on the market, so if you’re choosing “Tiles Only” you might want to be sure they will fit on your existing racks. The tiles are the same size as our 9 Florence and Seasons tiles and slightly smaller than our Trach/Bach and Mother Nature tiles.

What comes with this mahjong set?

This set includes 152 engraved and hand-painted tiles plus 4 blanks. The tiles are contained in a rigid box with a magnetic flap closure.

TILES ONLY  Contents:
  • 8  Jokers
  • 12 Dragons
  • 8  Flowers
  • 16 Winds
  • 36 Bams
  • 36 Dots
  • 36 Craks
  • 4 Blanks
  • 3 Iridescent dice with gold pips
  • Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
The FULL SET includes all of the above plus racks, pushers, and 2 bags:
  • 4 Blue wooden racks and pushers
  • Tile bag to hold loose tiles
  • Carrying bag that will hold the racks, pushers, and tiles (either in the bag or in their box)


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