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We are now accepting orders for the new, refreshed version of our Seasons mahjong set.

Custom-Designed Mahjong Set with American Mahjong Tiles 

Crisloid ushers in a new era with this striking Mahjong offering. We have created SEASONS Mahjong by MJLA, a set that marries the rich history of this time-honored game with a fresh, modern style. This set is designed for American-style mahjong play and is compatible with NMJL rules.

About the Seasons Mahjong Set & Tiles

We first introduced the Seasons set in 2018 and have now refreshed it for 2023 and beyond. The paint colors have been updated to improve playability, and the overall colorway was adjusted to reflect a cohesive aesthetic. The new colors on the hand-painted tiles coordinate beautifully with the butter-yellow mahjong tiles, which are complemented by translucent yellow dice. This set includes hardwood racks and pushers that are stained a cheery yellow. The length of the racks has been increased so they will easily hold 19 American mahjong tiles. This unique mahjong set now comes with a pair of eye-catching red cloth carrying bags that are made in Rhode Island by an independent sewist.

The Seasons mahjong set features minimalist, hand drawn art in a mid-century modern design that honors the traditional suits of mahjong. Stylized trees in seasonal colors are used as flower tiles. The traditional Dragon is re-imagined as a dragonfly, and the White Dragon (soap) is a playful interpretation of the classic tile. The Winds and Jokers represent the creators’ lifelong passion for text and fonts. Their love of words and humor is best reflected in the Jokers, because, as we all know, “Everybody Loves A Joker”. The Dots, Bams and Craks pay homage to Mahjong’s illustrious past.


Amy Coane and Lisa Gelber have been playing together for a long time. Their passion for games now expresses itself in this debut Mahjong set. The sisters are artists and designers who, for over three decades, have created product for national and international clients. This time, MJLA is designing for themselves and for those who love the game of Mahjong.


Crisloid is honored to have had a hand in making mahjong sets for Ten Flowers, Lowe, Royal, Cardinal, Eastern Distributors, Red Coin, Trach/Bach, and Katherine Hartman. We couldn’t be more thrilled to include MJLA in our circle of collaborators.

Mahjong Set Contents:

  • 4 Racks
  • 4 Pushers
  • 3 Translucent yellow dice
  • Carrying bag with handles (will hold racks, pushers, and either the tile box or tile bag with loose tiles)
  • Tile bag with handles
  • Mahjong Tiles
    The Seasons/MJLA Mahjong set includes 154 Mahjong tiles (15/16″ x 1 7/16″) that are packed in a sturdy box with a magnetic closure.

      • 36 Dots (4 of each value)
      • 36 Bams (4 of each value)
      • 36 Craks (4 of each value)
      • 16 Winds (4 of each direction)
      • 12 Dragons (4 White, 4 Red, 4 Green)
      • 8 Flowers
      • 8 Jokers
      • 2 Blank tiles
Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 11 × 5 in

1 review for SEASONS Mahjong by MJLA

  1. Debbi Ann Layfield

    Another BEAUTIFUL mahjongg set, and AMERICAN made! Quality product all the way. There’s no other mahjongg tile that makes that distinctive Crisloid clink! The switch to a fabric carry bag was THE BEST DECISION you folks ever made; its so compact and much lighter weight, so easy to carry! The tiles are nicely painted, quality checked, perfect. Pretty butter color tiles on bright yellow racks. Nicely revamped, I love it! Whomever wraps the tile sets should be a professional gift wrapper!

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