9 Florence Mahjong


Reserve your set now! Available with either creamy white or light jade green tiles, 9 Florence can be purchased as tiles alone for $700 or with racks, pushers, a tile bag, and carrying bag for $800.

We are excited to announce our newest mahjong set, “9 Florence.” This set is a call-back to traditional mahjong designs that Alphonse and Lucky Lodato made in the original A&L Manufacturing factory at 9 Florence St in Brooklyn NY.  A&L Manufacturing evolved into Crisloid, where we continue to produce fine American-made games.  The 9 Florence set, designed by Marcelle Swider Szurley, is the most traditional of our mahjong offerings and combines the familiar craks, bams, and dots with a little bit of modern flair. It is available in two colors, so you can choose between light jade green and creamy white tiles.

We are currently accepting reservations for the waiting list for this set. Once we are close to having a set ready for you, we will reach out to make payment arrangements.

The set is made for American-style play and includes 152 engraved tiles, 4 blanks,  and 3 dice in a rigid box with a magnetic flap closure. The tile size is 15/16″ x 1 7/16″.

  •  8 jokers
  • 12 dragons
  •  8 flowers
  • 16 winds
  • 36 bams
  • 36 dots
  • 36 craks
  •  4 blanks
  •  3 pieces green ice dice

The full set includes the tiles and dice along with 4 wooden racks and pushers, a tile bag, and a carrying bag that will hold the racks, pushers, and tiles (either in the bag or in their box.)

1 review for 9 Florence Mahjong

  1. Debbi

    Form, function, and beautifully packaged!

    Just received my ‘9 Florence’ set! It’s so pretty in jade! And I’m SO happy to be able to transport it easily because of the fabric carrying case! I’d like to see you create this for your other sets, saving me carrying 12 lbs extra! If I’m bringing my set to a group game day it would certainly preserve my health, and everything fits in so perfectly. I’m amazed at how compact you’ve made it to carry. The magnetic closure box is great, too! Nicely done, so happy I ordered it!

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