MultiCam® Camo Backgammon Set


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In partnership with MultiCam®, designers of the camouflage pattern worn by the U.S. Military and Special Forces troops around the world, Crisloid is proud to present this offering in tribute to the brave warriors who keep us safe every day. Covered in the same rugged CORDURA® brand fabric as the gear that is used in the field, the MultiCam® board is sure to inspire.

Crisloid’s MultiCam® Backgammon Set is made in our Tournament Attaché style, which pairs with Crisloid’s famous handcrafted 1.75″ checkers, especially known for their heft and strong hand feel. This set also includes our black leather dice cups, featuring a ribbed interior and trip-lip for the best dice roll possible.

Made in the USA

Our Camouflage Backgammon Set Features:

Black Leather Dice Cups
Dark Olive & Cream Marbled Checkers
Ivory & Pearl Brown Dice
MultiCam® Doubling Cube


Closed: 15″ × 20¾” × 3½”
Open: 30¼” × 20¾” × 1¾”
Checker Size: 1¾” × ½”

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 19 × 5 in


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