Large Leather Dice Cup


Well-crafted sophistication meets rugged appeal with Crisloid Leather Dice Cups. These dice cups are a sure way to dress up any backgammon set. Size is about the only thing that’s standard with these stylish yet sturdy cups which are a great addition to your set at home or if you’re looking to build a unique set from the Crisloid site. Consider these Leather Dice Cups as really sealing the deal to creating a long lasting, one of a kind backgammon set and check out our Tabletop Backgammon board options. Whether you are looking to buy yourself a set that you can treasure for life or planning to create a gift that even the most particular backgammon player will cherish, these Leather Dice Cups are the final touch.

Dimensions 3.25 × 3.25 × 3.75 in

Black, Brown, Chestnut


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