Large Wooden Cribbage Pegs


When it comes to making any product, the quality is in the materials you use.  Even with a game accessory as simple as a cribbage peg, we ensure durability of a refined caliber.  Our over-sized wooden pegs have a rustic allure and can be found only in the classic colors of pale and cherry wood.  These game pieces are guaranteed to look great on any large cribbage board.  If you are looking to update your home cribbage board, you can’t go wrong with these– but if you are looking for a top end cribbage board option, don’t forget about the Crisloid Jumbo Imperial Cribbage Board.  The smooth wooden stained surface of this board looks great with these large wooden pegs.

These beautiful over-sized pegs are pale and cherry wood in their color and fit nicely with most large cribbage sets.


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