Three-Player Engraved Cherry Cribbage Board


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Cribbage has been popular since the 17th century when it was invented by the infamous English gambler Sir John Suckling. The game has an interesting history (so does Sir John) and the rules he came up with haven’t changed much over the years. Another thing that hasn’t changed is how much a quality cribbage board improves gameplay.

Crisloid’s beautiful cribbage boards feature a continuous track made for three players. Made from rich-toned cherry wood, they have an attractive reddish-brown color, smooth texture, and are strong and durable. The metal game pegs that come with this set (choose from gold-tone, silver-tone, or black metal) look great and will fit just about any standard board.

We don’t use paints or decals to create the numbers and tracks. These marks are expertly engraved into the wood and will last for generations. Over time, Crisloid’s cherry cribbage boards will also darken slightly when exposed to sunlight, creating a gorgeous patina.

This beautiful rich toned Cherry Cribbage board has a continuous track made for three players.

Cherry Cribbage Board Comes With:

  • 3 Gold Pegs
  • 3 Silver Pegs
  • 3 Black Pegs

Cribbage Board Dimensions:

15″ × 7″ × ¾”


Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 11.5 × 2.5 in


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